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Michael White

Michael White
Town Council 

Our world, our country and even our small town face many challenges these days: the horrors of war, a troubled economy, the lingering effects of a pandemic and the perils of climate change among them. I have lived long enough to know that we need to face challenges head on. That is what I have tried to do in my own life and that’s what I have tried to do while serving on the Town Council.

When our town bands together, we can address the issues before us.  It’s not been easy but by working together and treating each other with respect and simple friendliness, we have done a lot over these past eight years. We are working to increase our supply of affordable housing, manage our island’s water supply efficiently, and address rising seas as we maintain and improve our infrastructure.

I have had the honor of serving as Council President and Vice President during my time on the Council. I have served for many years as the Council liaison to the School Committee and I have worked with that board to ensure that we get the best education for our children that we can afford. I look forward to continuing the work we have started and address the challenges we face.

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