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Erik Brine

Erik Brine
Town Council 

We live in very uncertain times. As we find our way through this pandemic and economic/social/-political turmoil, we will rely on strong judgement and trustworthy leadership. I believe my experience as an Air Force officer, my civilian experience serving our country in public policy positions, and particularly my experience in emergency preparedness and disaster response in Rhode Island, will be especially helpful as Jamestown successfully navigates this pandemic and we work toward a more resilient future.

I am running for Town Council because I believe Jamestown is an incredible place that has benefited for generations from its natural beauty, great leadership, and an amazingly active community and I seek to continue these traditions for my four children and for yours. In order to keep Jamestown an incredible place to live we need to invest in the infrastructure of our town from road improvements, to our parks and public spaces, to our facilities and schools.

I look to contribute new strategies and implement an action plan for economic development. We have seen many shops and restaurants close and new ones open and we want them to succeed. We are a small town and want to stay that way, so we need to address the challenges facing businesses in our community by supporting our small business owners and making it easier for desirable new businesses to open. We must come together as a community to support those in need, to put service before self, and commit to leaving behind a better Jamestown than the one we found, however and whenever we may have arrived here.

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