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The Jamestown Democratic Town Committee firmly believes all residents who are eligible to vote should do so.

Register to Vote

Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) was passed in 2017. This means that, if eligible, you will automatically be registered to vote when you interact with the DMV.  If you do not interact with the DMV, you will need to register yourself.

For the November election, you have to have been registered by early October to vote.  Go to the Rhode Island Secretary of State website to check your registration status and accuracy.


Voting by Mail

Submit a mail ballot application by the early October deadline available on the Secretary of State website. .

Complete the ballot following the directions that came with the ballot.  Mail your completed ballot in the envelope provided or drop the envelope in the drop box behind Town Hall.

During the week after you mail the ballot, check the status at the Secretary of State website.  If your ballot is not accepted or if you decide you want to vote in person, you can submit a provisional ballot during the in-person voting period.

Voting in Person 

You can vote in person at Town Hall during the early voting period, approved by the General Assembly, or on Election Tuesday at your assigned polling place. Check the Secretary of State website for early voting period and for assigned polling place.

HAVE ID.  The State of Rhode Island has a voter id law. When you vote at the polls, you will be asked to show picture identification. Accepted photo identification are:

  • RI driver’s license
  • U.S. passport
  • ID card issued by an educational institution in the United States
  • U.S. military identification card
  • ID card issued by the U.S. government or State of Rhode Island such as a RIPTA bus pass
  • Government issued medical card
  • RI Voter ID.

You can still vote if you arrive at the polls without an accepted photo id using a provisional ballot. Just ask the poll worker for one.

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