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Mary Meagher

Mary Meagher
Town Council Vice President

I moved to Jamestown more than forty years ago, left to get my Masters in Architecture from MIT, and returned in 1987 to set up my design business. I have been designing houses and renovations ever since. I’ve served on the Town Council for the past ten years. In that time, I have helped the town focus on infrastructure: building the addition to the fire station, the new clubhouse, improving the landscape at Fort Getty and East Ferry and (finally!) renovating the library.

But I am also very concerned about the quality of our lives here. While it may seem that affordability has disappeared, I think there are mechanisms and policies we can employ that can make a difference. Last year, we created a program to help folks stay in their homes and increase our supply of affordable housing. I will strive to increase the funding for that effort. I hope to create an accessory dwelling unit ordinance and update the entire Zoning code. I hope to promote the construction of new senior housing and improve our senior services altogether.

We have some serious challenges in front of us. Water, or rather the lack of it, will always be an issue on this island. I am promoting new ways of looking at development that will help to ensure our water supply. We must begin reorganizing our recreation facilities and roadways to adapt to the effects of sea level rise and a changing climate. AS RIDOT begins planning what they call the North Road corridor, we must be active partners, ensuring that the roadway best serves our community.

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