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Nancy Beye

Nancy Beye
Town Council President

In 2018 I was elected to serve on the Jamestown Town Council. In 2020, I was re-elected and chosen by my fellow councilors to be the President of the Town Council. I consider it a great honor and a privilege to serve such a wonderful community. I accepted my new position as I have other endeavors in my life: with dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm to do what is right for the people with whom I share this island. The role of Town Councilor is one that has taught me to listen more, learn more and keep the lines of communication open between all of us who live and work here.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and caring for so many of our residents in my 33 years here. As an EMT on the fire department or as a board member of the Friends of the Jamestown Seniors or as the owner of the Jamestown Early Learning Center for the past 25 years. I feel volunteerism is essential to our future.

I would like to continue my service to the Jamestown community as a town councilor, and help maintain the quality of life that we have come to love. I appreciate the confidence in me implied by your support on Election Day.

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